Paul's NC BBQ 

Pig Pickin' a favorite pastime for many
North Carolinians!

Any occasion, month or season of the year is good for pig pickin" in North Carolina.  Just think About best pork barbecue you have ever tasted in your whole life, then try some of Paul's Country Pork BBQ or whole pigs!  You'll never have a problem making a choice again! 

For Paul Long cooking a pig is a pleasure.  Paul was born and raised in Harnett County near Buies Creek and just a few miles from the geographical center of North Carolina.  He does not do eastern or western BBQ* pig; he does good ole Harnett Country BBQ Pig.  Paul grew up near a crossroads and country store whose owner cooked BBQ in a pit on racks above the ground with the pigs covered with tin.  The smell of the hickory and simmering pork still remains in Paul's mind.  One of his childhood dreams was to be able to cook pigs when he was older.  At the age of 15 he ask a neighbor who was considered a pro at cooking BBQ to teach him and from that he has developed his own method and sauce over the past 44 years. 

Great BBQ has allowed Paul to meet people along the way being famous.  Paul has cooked for folks including President Clinton, Vice President Gore, Pavarotti, Martin Sheen and cast of the West Wing, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, several Governors, US Senators, Congressmen, the entire NC General Assembly, Country singers including but not limited to Ernest Tubb, Gene Watson and so many more that is hard to remember.  Just never forget that he enjoys cooking and serving his family, friends, neighbors and can cook up a great home meal alone with his dogs, enjoying the food, beautiful things all around, thanking God for all the blessings and stay fat as an oversize strawberry just sitting and thinking of all the good folks that has met over the short period of time on Earth and much pleasure he gets from seeing them enjoying good food and fellowship.

Paul cooks the old fashion way with hot coals and hickory.  He uses the best select pigs and cooks them at least 8 to 10 hours allowing the fat to render and the meat to become tender and flavored so good that it will make your mouth water.  He makes his own vinegar base sauce and it is not mild nor hot but just right.

We do catering of all types including the Award Winning, "Paul's Country BBQ Beef", which makes a good combination with pork bbq, Pig Pickins', BBQ chicken, turkey, seafood or catfish.

We can prep and cook beef (any cut of beef thin or thick up to 12" cuts & bone in) with a recipe that he started writing on a paper sack with prep, cooking instructions, sauce recipe and how sharp the knife, fork or spoon needs to be to cut and eat the best tasting beef cooked on a open pit some have said they never tasted before in life.  The sauce is so good that the sauce on white bread will get you by for days and some good vegetables.  Pork Baby back or spare ribs, cuts of pork, chicken, fish, seafood and many other items are on his home menu or your menu should you chose that will amaze you to know what can be done by Paul.  He also prepares several side dishes all homemade using fresh vegetables from the bountiful fields in the USA, wonderful deserts, candy and delivered with a smile.

Paul is willing to cook and deliver or cook at any locations from the streets of downtown Charlotte, Winston Salem, Raleigh, NC, Brooklyn, NY, Long Island and as far north as Danbury, Conn., & right in his backyard.

If you want some great BBQ or other good food just call Paul and he will be ready and willing to make it happen of course knowing first that if there is will there is a way and USA can provide a way for you to eat good every day.

We can handle your request at any level of service including the fact that we customize to fit your needs and we even will assist you in planning your event.  Just tell us what you want and we can provide onsite prep and cook or we can bring it ready to eat and just let you get a whiff of the smoke!  Any type of event is fine, parties, receptions, weddings, church, school and political events.  Don't forget we can work miracles so call us and give us a day or two and the grill will be fired up!  We have served over 1,000 people on numerous occasions, but we can feed any crowd in any location, you just name it and we will do it.

Providing quality and value are the reasons our customers keep coming back.  Thank you for stopping by and we hope to see you again soon.
*barbecue is a noun in North Carolina

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